Work Sucks

Don't deny it.

If you don't hate your job, you probably don't have one. Don't worry, we're here to commiserate. Take a comedy break while plotting the downfall of The Man... or just Karen in Accounting.

Featured Clips

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Taking a drunk day
Kevin Downey Jr
Views: 3,167 4 stars
I used to deliver pizzas
Paul Lakamp
Views: 1,051 5 stars
Working at the Unemployment Office
Phil Mazo
Views: 3,598 4 stars
God vs. Google
Eddie Gossling
Views: 2,348 4 stars
When I wear a dress
Sabrina Matthews
Views: 2,046 4 stars
My alarm clock hates me
Mike Lukas
Views: 3,437 4 stars
Where to meet your future wife
Mike Lukas
Views: 2,976 4 stars
Al-Qaida Vista
Sketchy Women
Views: 1,533 5 stars
My computer system
Troy Baxley
Views: 2,773 4 stars
How to handle people who talk too much
Todd Glass
Views: 3,689 4 stars
Bad times with cake
Sam Demaris
Views: 3,929 4 stars
Will not work for food
Tennessee Tramp
Views: 1,421 4 stars
Drinkin' and teachin'
Mary Mack
Views: 2,805 4 stars
Graphic design major
Shawn Halpin
Views: 4,496 3 stars
Life at the Scissor Factory
Josh Cheney
Views: 6,305 4 stars
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