Work Sucks

Don't deny it.

If you don't hate your job, you probably don't have one. Don't worry, we're here to commiserate. Take a comedy break while plotting the downfall of The Man... or just Karen in Accounting.

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You know you hate your job when...
David James
Views: 4,497 4 stars
Drink until the verge of death
David James
Views: 3,009 4 stars
Office politics get ridiculous
Tom Steffen
Views: 3,455 5 stars
Stoned customer service
Prescott Tolk
Views: 4,261 5 stars
I kicked a baby
Jeremy Neal
Views: 857 5 stars
Perks of working with kids
Kevin Camia
Views: 3,367 4 stars
Big lotto dreams
Ryan Singer
Views: 1,759 5 stars
There's no 'I' in 'team'
John Wesley Austin
Views: 2,344 3 stars
My co-worker hates me
Maria Bamford
Views: 8,025 5 stars
Love you bye
Collin Moulton
Views: 2,753 5 stars
I'm not a rocket scientist
Eddie Gossling
Views: 2,498 5 stars
Did you get that memo
Todd Jay
Views: 1,604 4 stars
The corporate job
Josh Arnold
Views: 1,084 4 stars
Radiation n' crap
Jerry Wayne Longmire
Views: 939 4 stars
Following the rules at work
Kevin Camia
Views: 11,914 4 stars
Data Entry really sucks
Dave Waite
Views: 6,847 4 stars
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