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Featuring the best stand-up comics around the world with up-to-the-minute spin on today's headlines. News, celebrities, politics, cults in Texas, scandalous pregnancies — you name it and there's a RooftopComedy artist decoding the media madness. The truth hurts, but it's so funny.

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Good Cop Bad Cop
Karl Hess
Just Turned 31
Karl Hess
No Carb Diet
Blair Thompson
Words and Accents
Noah Gardenswartz
Not Much Of A Reader
Noah Gardenswartz
Lazy Eater
Brad Lanning
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Allison Gill
Catholic Holidays
Allison Gill
Kids are Stupid
Langston Kerman
X Box Ruins Marriages
Brad Lanning
My Mom is a Stereotype
Raanan Hershberg
Red Lobster
Raanan Hershberg
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