Stand Up Comics Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell are Siskel & Negro, otherwise known as the 2 Angry Black Guys who review movies.

Along with movie reviews, Kevin (the "Siskel") and Kamau (the "Negro") also rail and opinionate on the latest entertainment news in film, music, comedy and general Hollywood weirdness. You also never know when the occasional celebrity guest might drop in to hang out with the guys.

Siskel and Negro

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Date: 4/10/07
Views: 295 5 stars
Episode - 7 They're finally back! Siskel, Negro, and Kathrine P. McMurphy discuss Kevin's love life. Also on the show: Beckham's new reality TV show, and some future movie casting is discussed.
Date: 2/9/07
Views: 391 4 stars
Episode 6 - Oscar Episode Introducing Catherine P. McMurphy, the show's new co-host. Also: Hollywood News, upcoming sequels that shouldn't be made, will Negro be forced to move out of the country, and lots and lots of Oscar speculation.
Date: 12/13/06
Views: 412 5 stars
Episode - 5 What's going on with Prison Breaks' Lane Garrison? How did Nicole Richie get famous anyways? Who is starring in the new reality series Armed and Famous? Siskel and Negro give their end of the year run down ...
Date: 11/29/06
Views: 232 5 stars
Episode - 4 Siskel talks about a fan letter. Why's The Game in jail? Siskel and Negro talk about Michael Richards. What's new with Pam and Kid Rock? Jedi's start their own religion. Siskel defends some of his favorite ...
Date: 11/15/06
Views: 232 5 stars
Episode - 3 Upcoming sequels? Whatâ??s up with Kanye West? Winter Movie Previews. Cat Williams gets arrested.

Date: 11/1/06
Views: 268 5 stars
Episode - 2

Benâ??s occupationally-challenged employment status. The Greatest Actor of All Time (a.k.a. Denzel). Super heroes. Hollywood stuff.

Date: 10/10/06
Views: 834 4 stars
Episode - 1 Is Fergie a dude? Jenna Fischer does it for Siskel. Vennessa Hudgins for Negro. Olsen twins? How about the new James Bond? Kevin eats it at a show.
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