Stand Up Comics Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell are Siskel & Negro, otherwise known as the 2 Angry Black Guys who review movies.

Along with movie reviews, Kevin (the "Siskel") and Kamau (the "Negro") also rail and opinionate on the latest entertainment news in film, music, comedy and general Hollywood weirdness. You also never know when the occasional celebrity guest might drop in to hang out with the guys.

Siskel and Negro

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Date: 6/17/08
Views: 1,818 5 stars
Episode - 17 Siskel and Negro discuss the return of Beverly Hills, 90210, and the top selling action figure from Dark Knight. Feature topics include the Miley Cyrus picture controversy, Bill Cosby's upcoming rap album,...
Date: 7/10/08
Views: 1,513 4 stars
Episode - 18 Siskel & Negro discuss Mel Gibson's new role along with some other Hollywood casting news. Feature discussions include a discussion about who will be playing the new Magnum P.I., how well Speed Racer did i...
Date: 1/23/08
Views: 1,242 3 stars
Episode - 14 Siskel and Negro discuss the steroid scandal involving some Hollywood moguls. A Sex and the City movie? Updates on Spiderman's life, Tyler Perry, and casting info for the new Star Trek movie.
Date: 5/23/08
Views: 999 5 stars
Episode - 16 Siskel and Negro discuss some upcoming movies and casting news. Kate reviews a movie we've all seen a long, long time ago. Feature topics include: VH1's Celebrity Rehab, The Wire, and Terminator: The Sara...
Date: 10/10/06
Views: 835 4 stars
Episode - 1 Is Fergie a dude? Jenna Fischer does it for Siskel. Vennessa Hudgins for Negro. Olsen twins? How about the new James Bond? Kevin eats it at a show.
Date: 1/7/08
Views: 730 3 stars
Episode - 13 Siskel & Negro update us with casting news and some upcoming remakes we never saw coming. Kathrine P. McMurphy reviews a movie we all saw ages ago. Feature discussion: Nicholas Cage, what the hell happene...
Date: 7/23/07
Views: 592 5 stars
Episode - 12 This time we're bringing you one from the vault: The Rocky Episode. This episode features the very first appearance from Kathrine P. McMurphy.
Date: 6/1/07
Views: 527 5 stars
Episode - 11 Siskel and Negro are back from Japan and are coming to you from their new studio with Kathrine P. McMurphy. Along with Kevin's love life, this episode's hot topics include: a discussion about the Rosie O'Do...
Date: 1/8/10
Views: 506 5 stars
Episode 31 - Special Guest: Natasha Leggero The bad news: episode 31 is sans Kamau. But don't worry, special guest Natasha Leggero drops by and hangs out with us. This episode also features some smoking hot Denzel News and Kevin and Natasha run thr...
Date: 10/22/08
Views: 504 5 stars
Episode - 20 Episode 20 is all about TV. Siskel and Negro continue their entertainment rundown with some upcoming TV shows scheduled for the Fall season. The new Spike Lee joint is also discussed, and Kamau tells a sto...
Date: 1/23/09
Views: 448 5 stars
Episode - 23 In this episode, Siskel and Negro review Yahoo's! most anticipated movies of 2009. Feature topic: What is Kate reading? Also in this episode: Kevin gets a haircut, Kate has a stroke, and Kevin pronounces ...
Date: 2/2/10
Views: 445 3 stars
Episode 32 - Special Guest: Craig Robinson Craig Robinson (The Office, Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri Make a Porno) is our VERY special guest on the show today. Kamau wasn't able to make it (he'll be back next episode) but to make up for it, we'r...
Date: 12/13/06
Views: 413 5 stars
Episode - 5 What's going on with Prison Breaks' Lane Garrison? How did Nicole Richie get famous anyways? Who is starring in the new reality series Armed and Famous? Siskel and Negro give their end of the year run down ...
Date: 6/17/09
Views: 412 5 stars
Episode 28 - Live from Aspen! (pt. 3) Episode 28 brings us to the third and final LIVE podcast from this year's Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival. Special guest and fellow Denzel lover Ty Barnett chimes in on the The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 edition ...
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 410 3 stars
Episode 27 - Live from Aspen! (pt. 2) Part 2 of Siskel and Negro's LIVE podcasting from this year's Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival. Special guests Robert Hawkins and Laurie Kilmartin discuss farting at the gym, Hasan Minhaj schools us on hip hop...
Date: 3/14/08
Views: 403 4 stars
Episode - 15 Siskel & Negro update us with the latest in Hollywood. Kathrine P. McMurphy decides that this is actually her show. Feature discussion: Suck my broadband.
Date: 2/9/07
Views: 391 4 stars
Episode 6 - Oscar Episode Introducing Catherine P. McMurphy, the show's new co-host. Also: Hollywood News, upcoming sequels that shouldn't be made, will Negro be forced to move out of the country, and lots and lots of Oscar speculation.
Date: 4/23/07
Views: 367 5 stars
Episode - 9 Are Willa Ford's boobs big enough to play Anna Nicole Smith? Edward Norton as the next Incredible Hulk? Kamau introduces a new segment: Who give a fuck?! Kevin talks shit to The Rock. Don't bring a baby to...
Date: 4/12/07
Views: 365 5 stars
Episode 8 - David Alan Grier Interview Siskel gets an exclusive interview with the legendary David Alan Grier at the San Jose Improv.
Date: 5/11/07
Views: 360 5 stars
Episode - 10 Who's doing what? Siskel gives us info on what scripts are being bought, and by whom. Siskel and Negro prepare for their trip to Japan, and Spiderman 3 is discussed.
Date: 10/14/08
Views: 342 5 stars
Episode - 19 Siskel & Negro bring us up to date with some recent casting news and give us a sneak peak on some upcoming sequels. Jimmy Smits stabs a dude? Kamau gets spotted in public, and someone from the show is gett...
Date: 11/25/09
Views: 326 5 stars
Episode 30 - Jake Johannsen's Here Everybody! Episode 30 is full of all sorts of amazing treats. Jake Johannsen stops by and drops some exclusive news, Kevin reminisces about a Katt Williams show, and Kamau invents a new way to enjoy Twitter. Today's...
Date: 4/10/07
Views: 295 5 stars
Episode - 7 They're finally back! Siskel, Negro, and Kathrine P. McMurphy discuss Kevin's love life. Also on the show: Beckham's new reality TV show, and some future movie casting is discussed.
Date: 11/1/06
Views: 269 5 stars
Episode - 2

Benâ??s occupationally-challenged employment status. The Greatest Actor of All Time (a.k.a. Denzel). Super heroes. Hollywood stuff.

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