Stand Up Comics Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell are Siskel & Negro, otherwise known as the 2 Angry Black Guys who review movies.

Along with movie reviews, Kevin (the "Siskel") and Kamau (the "Negro") also rail and opinionate on the latest entertainment news in film, music, comedy and general Hollywood weirdness. You also never know when the occasional celebrity guest might drop in to hang out with the guys.

Siskel and Negro


Two angry black guys' take on entertainment

Most recent episode
Date: 10/10/06

Episode Guide

Date: 11/1/06
Date: 11/15/06
Date: 11/29/06
Date: 12/13/06
Date: 2/9/07
Date: 4/10/07
Date: 4/12/07
Date: 4/23/07
Date: 5/11/07
Date: 6/1/07
Date: 7/23/07
Date: 1/7/08
Date: 1/23/08
Date: 3/14/08
Date: 3/21/08
Date: 5/23/08
Date: 6/17/08
Date: 7/10/08
Date: 10/14/08
Date: 10/22/08
Date: 12/19/08
Date: 1/13/09
Date: 1/23/09
Date: 5/27/09
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