Standup Women is all about the ladies. These are the best women comics from around the world live on stage. Stand back, boys, they're funnier than you. Tune in weekly for the best women comics from RooftopComedy stages around the world.

Standup Women


The best women comics out there.

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Date: 5/10/15
I'm A Stay At Home Mom Kathe Farris is a stay at home mom, but she's not sure that label is quite right.

Episode Guide

Date: 11/15/14
Views: 146 3 stars
No Respect At Work Bridget Phetasy gets no respect at work.
Date: 12/23/14
Views: 101 3 stars
Getting Older And Gassier Jodi Miller talks about getting older.
Date: 11/5/14
Views: 23 3 stars
Biological Imperatives Helen LaStar shares her experience as a young mom.
Date: 11/5/14
Views: 206 5 stars
Date: 10/30/14
Views: 186 5 stars
Growing Up Jordanian Nour Hadidi has a lot to say about Jordan.
Date: 10/25/14
Views: 188 5 stars
I Love Rap Music Stephanie Holmes loves female rappers.
Date: 9/6/14
Views: 109 3 stars
Date: 10/4/14
Views: 96 4 stars
My Roommate's Tinder Game Becky's roommate is a master at Tinder.
Date: 8/27/14
Views: 43 3 stars
Date: 9/26/14
Views: 33 3 stars
Date: 9/26/14
Views: 27 5 stars
Date: 9/19/14
Views: 151 3 stars
Date: 8/29/14
Views: 231 5 stars
I Love my Wife Nothing disgusts Kristen more than dis-genuine bumper stickers.
Date: 8/24/14
Views: 60 5 stars
Tinsel Holly talks about growing older and getting greyer.
Date: 8/2/14
Views: 96 5 stars
I'm So Constant Kellye Howard's husband is very patient and that's a good thing because...
Date: 8/8/14
Views: 94 3 stars
Coworker Interactions Laura doesn't have anything in common with her new lunch buddy.
Date: 7/25/14
Views: 99 3 stars
A Child Of The Eighties It's not easy being the daughter of a celebrity.
Date: 7/13/14
Views: 96 3 stars
Date: 5/27/14
Views: 90 5 stars
Texting with Men Kelsey Cook gets her text on.
Date: 7/8/14
Views: 117 3 stars
Service Animals are Everywhere Natasha Hansen doesn't believe in service animals.
Date: 6/14/14
Views: 105 3 stars
Gluten Free By Choice Bridget Phetasy on your pretentious gluten "allergy."
Date: 6/13/14
Views: 57 5 stars
I Didn't Vote For That Jen Kober doesn't always side with her demographic.
Date: 5/17/14
Views: 154 5 stars
Awkward Around Guys Dana Moon doesn't really know how to flirt.
Date: 5/21/14
Views: 78 3 stars
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