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The last name in news, the first to get it right.

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Date: 1/2/15
Fan Of Country Music James Ervin Berry has a good time with country music.

Episode Guide

Date: 1/2/15
Views: 62 3 stars
Things You Can Control Tom Simmons, talks animal abuse Bill Cosby and the general sketchiness of the NFL.
Date: 12/26/14
Views: 136 5 stars
10% Of Your Brain Rob Haze helps debunk an urban myth.
Date: 11/16/14
Views: 90 5 stars
Date: 11/1/14
Views: 76 5 stars
Ray Kurzweil Julian McCullough has some thoughts about future technology.
Date: 10/23/14
Views: 70 3 stars
Drive Thru Hunger & A Juice Cleanse Jason Lawhead has had trouble with NY's transportation system.
Date: 10/26/14
Views: 112 5 stars
Date: 10/15/14
Views: 59 3 stars
Date: 10/12/14
Views: 97 5 stars
DTF Luke Severeid talks religion and Lord Of The Rings.
Date: 6/28/14
Views: 52 3 stars
Comparing Things to Crack Drew Frees thinks that sometimes crack doesn't crack cocaine doesn't belong at a party.
Date: 8/13/14
Views: 60 3 stars
Two-String Song Johnny Cardinale has a not so serious talk about today's music.
Date: 7/30/14
Views: 106 3 stars
Inexplicably Redneck Brown Guy Gilbert Lawand likes confusing rednecks.
Date: 7/29/14
Views: 93 3 stars
Trying to Drink Better Roy Wood Jr. needs to learn to handle his liquor.
Date: 7/25/14
Views: 89 3 stars
Date: 7/25/14
Views: 82 3 stars
First Heard The Words Polar Vortex Russ Williamson has more than one reason to hate Chicago winters.
Date: 7/19/14
Views: 87 3 stars
Date: 6/6/14
Views: 64 3 stars
Drop It, Leave It Tom Daddario wonders about train safety.
Date: 6/13/14
Views: 127 4 stars
I'm Sick of Bullies Andy Haynes is sick of bullying.
Date: 6/11/14
Views: 50 5 stars
Women and Coffee Let David Britton tell you about how he likes his coffee and ladies.
Date: 6/7/14
Views: 34 5 stars
My Auto-Correct is Sentient Joseph Scrimshaw proves that Ray Kurzweil's correct, the "Singularity" is near.
Date: 6/7/14
Views: 77 5 stars
Sexism in Advertising Joseph Scrimshaw is all for sexism as long as it serves him...Chicken wings.
Date: 6/11/14
Views: 98 3 stars
Wanda Sykes on Catholicism Whitmer Thomas channels his inner Wanda and we watch, jaws agape.
Date: 5/31/14
Views: 72 5 stars
I Go To Ikea Dax Jordan's take on shopping at Ikea.
Date: 5/17/14
Views: 393 5 stars
Advertisements for Idiots Geoff Tate loves his beer one way and one way only...Cold!
Date: 5/17/14
Views: 93 5 stars
Von Trapps vs. The Community Karl Spaeth explains why he hates the film The Sound of Music.
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