WTF? is all things inexplicably twisted, weird, ugly, beautifully-ugly, and hilarious. It's the world, only upside- down. Enter at your own risk. Tune in weekly for the super-strange humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.


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Date: 5/1/09
Views: 356 4 stars
Garbage, Jokes, Kangaroos, and Sales Adrian Mesa's got smelly garbage, Reid Faylor updates some classic jokes, Tony Woods loves kangaroos, and Cy Amundson's garage sale secrets. WTF?
Date: 4/24/09
Views: 307 5 stars
Hiccups, The Midwest, Scotland, and Vegans Collin Moulton is shocked by babies who are shocked by the hiccups, Tommy Ryman gets beat down by Midwestern cold, Tony Woods has the inside information about Scotland, and Chris Porter hates vegans. WTF?
Date: 4/17/09
Views: 356 3 stars
Pizza, Smoking, Cats, and Getting Fired Erik Allen has a one man pizza party, David Crowe has a new plan for stopping smoking, Tommy Johnagin takes on evil cat kidnappers, and Michael Roof gets fired from Six Flags. WTF?
Date: 4/13/09
Views: 314 5 stars
Saxophones, Cuties, Thanksgiving, and Baseball Horrible saxophone playing by Tommy Johnagin's family, Reid Faylor is cute but terrifying, what Tim Harmston eats for Thanksgiving, and Michael Roof gets a disturbing baseball injury. WTF?
Date: 4/6/09
Views: 234 5 stars
New York, Buses, Pizza, and Legos Taylor Williamson learns about New York, Tommy Ryman hops on public transit, John Evans has disgusting pizza habits, and Josh Sneed is jealous of kids' toys. Especially Legos. WTF?
Date: 3/30/09
Views: 271 5 stars
Credit Cards, Weird Arms, and Rodeo Clowns. Cy Amundson pulls a dumb prank, Doug Mellard has a few words for the armless, Moshe Kasher's arms are disgusting, and Jimmie Roulette does not – I repeat, does NOT – want to be a rodeo clown. WTF?
Date: 3/21/09
Views: 314 5 stars
Vampires, Germans, Moms and Hypotheticals John Evans is a celebrity look-a-like, Ken Schultz has very German sex, whatever that means, Alex Koll phones home, and Eric Nigg poses a disgusting hypothetical. WTF?
Date: 2/23/09
Views: 182 5 stars
Pregnancy, Hooters, Outdoor Cats & Police Bears Cy Amundson pulls pregnancy pranks, Dave Waite gets pervy at Hooters, TJ Young hates cats, and Joe Zimmerman has big ideas for bears in law enforcement. WTF?
Date: 3/2/09
Views: 197 5 stars
Fatherhood, Sex Dolls, Airborne Creeps & Romance Patrick Susmilch explains true bravery, Troy Baxley has million dollar sex ideas, Dwight Slade gets molested on an airplane, and Joe Zimmerman's love is fearless. WTF?
Date: 3/13/09
Views: 277 5 stars
Tattoos, Answers, Creepy Hands, and Bluetooth Jackie Kashian gets inked for love, Andy Ritchie demands answers, TJ Miller's got creepy hands, and Dwight Slade freaks out about bluetooth. WTF?
Date: 1/5/09
Views: 141 5 stars
Sex, Tattoos, Jimmy Stewart And Creepy Dudes Reid Faylor channels Jimmy Stewart, Brent Weinbach copes with chastity, Kevin Camia is a rule breaker, Dave Waite's on the prowl, and Maggie Faris has the best tattoo idea ever, and it involves the butt cra...
Date: 1/12/09
Views: 120 5 stars
Fog Machines, High School and Angry Baby Owls Tommy Ryman is living la vida pirate, Eddie Gossling buys a fog machine, Chuck Watkins has the secret to graduating from high school, and Matt Braunger goes one on one with a baby owl. WTF?
Date: 1/19/09
Views: 93 5 stars
Aliens, Removable Limbs, Prince & Animal Shelters Erik Allen wants to take your arms off, Alex Koll loves Prince, Lachlan Patterson solves your cat marketing problems, and Chad Daniels knows why aliens abduct rednecks. WTF?
Date: 1/26/09
Views: 66 3 stars
Catholocism, Jay Leno, Parenting & Hummingbirds The Jesus Shark has risen according to Erik Allen, GR Goodwin contemplates Jay Leno's greatest talent, Sean Cullen talks trash about other parents, and Pete Lee has fun with hummingbirds. WTF?
Date: 2/2/09
Views: 72 3 stars
Creepy White Dudes, Stoners And Remodeling Pete Dominick looks like a child molester, Andy Erikson kills two birds with one stone, kinda, Isaac Witty fixes the Iraq war, and Matt Fugate insists you must wallpaper now. Now, I said! WTF?
Date: 2/9/09
Views: 81 3 stars
Wild Animals, Spiders, Breaking Up, Quaker Oatmeal John Ramsey swallows spiders in his sleep, Tim Harmston cuts animals some slack (nobody's perfect), Maria Bamford's breakups are twisted, and JR Brow is highly disturbed by oatmeal commercials. WTF?
Date: 2/16/09
Views: 97 5 stars
Magicians, Car Insurance, Gene Hackman & Balding Isaac Witty is balding gracefully, Tim Harmston handles telemarketers, Brendon Walsh has some bad news about Gene Hackman, and Eddie Gossling talks smack to magicians. WTF?
Date: 2/28/09
Views: 4,114 4 stars
Date: 2/21/09
Views: 544 5 stars
Date: 2/14/09
Views: 1,193 4 stars
Date: 2/7/09
Views: 1,165 4 stars
Date: 1/3/09
Views: 1,061 5 stars
Date: 10/11/08
Views: 2,049 5 stars
Date: 7/10/08
Views: 238 5 stars
To catch a predator Greg Barris at the Heart of Darkness NYC @ Karma talking about the tv show To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC with Chris Hansen.
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