WTF? is all things inexplicably twisted, weird, ugly, beautifully-ugly, and hilarious. It's the world, only upside- down. Enter at your own risk. Tune in weekly for the super-strange humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.


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Date: 8/8/09
Views: 1,718 5 stars
Date: 8/8/09
Views: 1,362 4 stars
Date: 8/8/09
Views: 1,202 4 stars
Date: 7/25/09
Views: 1,350 5 stars
Date: 7/22/09
Views: 429 4 stars
Date: 7/11/09
Views: 1,073 4 stars
Date: 7/11/09
Views: 1,057 5 stars
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 1,115 3 stars
Date: 7/6/09
Views: 254 3 stars
Booze, Heaven, Bikes, and Gremlins Brooks Robinson hooks teenagers up with booze, Moshe Kasher contemplates heaven and hell, Tom Segura is, like, totally into bikes, and Dan Cummins loves tooth gremlins. Who doesn't?
Date: 6/12/09
Views: 10,231 4 stars
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 315 3 stars
Tools, Time Travel, Microwaves, and Music Tommy Johnagin gets some useless tools, Dave Waite is confused by time travel, Lachlan Patterson knows the microwave rules, and David Crowe knows what the kids are listening to.
Date: 6/23/09
Views: 14,496 4 stars
Date: 6/22/09
Views: 286 3 stars
Partying, Pranks, ATMs and Dads Hannibal Buress likes to party, Tommy Ryman has fun with shopping carts, Isaac Witty gets held up at the ATM, and Ian Bagg's dad has a secret. Wanna hear it?
Date: 6/15/09
Views: 259 4 stars
Telemarketers, Tofu, Doctors, and Mooses Isaac Witty deals with telemarketers, David Crowe eats some weird stuff, TJ Miller is a doctor, almost, and Ian Bagg conducts a moose investigation.
Date: 6/5/09
Views: 407 5 stars
Red Bull, Bikes, Gyms, and Hillbillies Chris Porter hates Red Bull, Paul Lakamp gets wiped out, Robert Hines hates the gym, and Mike Brody: alien, or hillbilly? You decide.
Date: 6/1/09
Views: 540 5 stars
Date: 6/1/09
Views: 1,057 4 stars
Date: 6/3/09
Views: 361 5 stars
Kids, Buffets, Mimosas, and Songs Pete Lee doesn't want kids, Robert Hines loves buffets (can you tell?), TJ Miller gets tipsy on mimosas, and Brendon Walsh succumbs... to the pressure.
Date: 5/26/09
Views: 253 5 stars
Date: 5/19/09
Views: 294 3 stars
Homeless, Geezers, and Booze Homeless guys impress Stewart Huff, Chris Maddock has the key to long life, Robert Hines has awesome Halloweens, and TJ Miller gets mysterious.
Date: 5/11/09
Views: 326 4 stars
Roadkill, Weird Fun, Cameras, and Tacos Tommy Johnagin solves a roadkill problem, Doug Mellard has some weird hobbies, Bil Dwyer's afraid of digital cameras, and Matt Braunger calls BS on Taco Bell. You heard him.
Date: 5/1/09
Views: 356 4 stars
Garbage, Jokes, Kangaroos, and Sales Adrian Mesa's got smelly garbage, Reid Faylor updates some classic jokes, Tony Woods loves kangaroos, and Cy Amundson's garage sale secrets. WTF?
Date: 4/24/09
Views: 307 5 stars
Hiccups, The Midwest, Scotland, and Vegans Collin Moulton is shocked by babies who are shocked by the hiccups, Tommy Ryman gets beat down by Midwestern cold, Tony Woods has the inside information about Scotland, and Chris Porter hates vegans. WTF?
Date: 4/17/09
Views: 356 3 stars
Pizza, Smoking, Cats, and Getting Fired Erik Allen has a one man pizza party, David Crowe has a new plan for stopping smoking, Tommy Johnagin takes on evil cat kidnappers, and Michael Roof gets fired from Six Flags. WTF?
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