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Date: 3/14/14
Views: 205 5 stars
Job Drug Tests Raanan Hershberg is up for a drug test anytime. He may not pass, but he'll still take it. Brave man!
Date: 2/23/14
Views: 138 5 stars
Drinking and Traveling Adam Norwest travels drunk. Is there any other way?
Date: 3/7/14
Views: 68 3 stars
Boys Night Ben Evans is having a hell of a boys night.
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 150 5 stars
Shy Wrangler Adam Sokol is wrangling that shyness like a lone bashful cowboy.
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 169 5 stars
Best buy Adam Sokol is going to make sure you can hook-up your TV and stereo. Do people still have stereos?
Date: 2/8/14
Views: 174 3 stars
Used Bookstore Hair Kevin O'Shea is the Paul Mitchell of comedy.
Date: 2/7/14
Views: 140 5 stars
Grandpa's Dick Kevin Macias introduces his girlfriend to his Grandpa's dick.
Date: 1/31/14
Views: 80 3 stars
Grandma's In the House Sydney Adeniyi is torching a bowl with Grams.
Date: 1/24/14
Views: 75 5 stars
Home Depot Goofus Dale Jones is the reason why Home Depot employees will never help you.
Date: 1/18/14
Views: 82 3 stars
Waiting Tables Chance Royce is constantly looking for an opportunity to "wow" a customer.
Date: 1/18/14
Views: 91 3 stars
Been Fired Shane Torres wasn't fired. He quit!
Date: 12/13/13
Views: 100 3 stars
Teaching My Kid to Shower Stefan Davis is going to raise one kid you'll want to avoid in the locker room.
Date: 8/30/13
Views: 187 5 stars
I'm an Adult Mike E. Winfield is a big boy and if he's good, he will get a lollipop from his Mommy.
Date: 11/16/13
Views: 131 5 stars
Crackhead Success Chuck Nice knows how the crackheads get things done.
Date: 11/15/13
Views: 138 5 stars
Slow Riding Gene Renfroe gets pulled over by the Appleton police.
Date: 11/8/13
Views: 123 3 stars
Group Drinking Mike Cronin gets a ticket for being too cool.
Date: 10/25/13
Views: 102 5 stars
I Love Snacks Megan Gailey is a "sweet" girl, but she's still pretty salty.
Date: 11/8/13
Views: 122 5 stars
Heroin Addiction Andy Gold's days of chasing the dragon are over.
Date: 11/8/13
Views: 235 5 stars
Where I Learned About Drugs Chris Hegedus got hooked on that good Flintstone smack.
Date: 8/30/13
Views: 303 1 stars
Messing With Alcoholics Jarrod Harris is a beer fairy sent from a magical world to make his mother angry.
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 421 5 stars
I Fried My Baby Collin Moulton is not good at multi-tasking.
Date: 6/21/13
Views: 398 3 stars
Working Out Greg Hahn is chalking it up at the gym.
Date: 7/13/13
Views: 196 5 stars
Kerfuffle Steven Miller almost gets into a kerfuffle.
Date: 7/12/13
Views: 626 5 stars
Are You Into the Paranormal? Dave Waite is gonna need a tetanus shot and a sleeping bag.
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