WTF? is all things inexplicably twisted, weird, ugly, beautifully-ugly, and hilarious. It's the world, only upside- down. Enter at your own risk. Tune in weekly for the super-strange humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.



Weird. Weirder. Weirdest. Seriously...WTF?

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Date: 2/28/15

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Date: 12/14/14
Views: 106 4 stars
151 Rum As it turns out medieval European history and rum mixes well.
Date: 12/5/14
Views: 132 5 stars
Date: 12/6/14
Views: 156 5 stars
Sick of Men Steve Gillespie has a differing view on what it means to be a man.
Date: 11/9/14
Views: 111 3 stars
Overprotective Mom Eric Neumann's mom is a little overprotective.
Date: 11/15/14
Views: 74 5 stars
Date: 10/28/14
Views: 72 4 stars
Breaking down The Walker Lonnie talks about his walker.
Date: 10/4/14
Views: 67 3 stars
Gas Pump Game Who needs Las Vegas? You can have just as much fun at the gas pump as the slot machines.
Date: 10/12/14
Views: 90 5 stars
Bald Problems Things have changed with age for Luke Severeid.
Date: 10/11/14
Views: 72 3 stars
Chasing the Cougars Keith Manning Likes his women aged like wine.
Date: 10/2/14
Views: 63 3 stars
Date: 10/4/14
Views: 93 3 stars
My Dad's A Preacher Caleb Synan's father is a preacher, and sometimes his sermons can go from holy to hilarious.
Date: 8/29/14
Views: 146 5 stars
Date: 7/29/14
Views: 153 5 stars
Date: 8/16/14
Views: 131 4 stars
Fired From Groupon Brandon has a delicious scheme to get fired from his job at Groupon.
Date: 7/22/14
Views: 360 5 stars
Taking In An Exchange Student Scott Sharp's new foreign friend is crazy.
Date: 7/25/14
Views: 58 3 stars
Date: 7/13/14
Views: 33 4 stars
Broken Homeschooling Cameron Dyson talks about homeschooling and family life.
Date: 7/9/14
Views: 121 5 stars
Date: 5/1/14
Views: 172 3 stars
She Finally Farted Rob O'Reilly is building himself a dog house.
Date: 3/14/14
Views: 71 3 stars
Zombies And Checkpoints Steve Miller likes zombies.
Date: 4/18/14
Views: 166 4 stars
Fired For No Reason Mike Baldwin is one of those people who claims they got fired for "no reason." Sure, Mike...Sure.
Date: 2/23/14
Views: 136 5 stars
Drinking and Traveling Adam Norwest travels drunk. Is there any other way?
Date: 3/14/14
Views: 205 5 stars
Job Drug Tests Raanan Hershberg is up for a drug test anytime. He may not pass, but he'll still take it. Brave man!
Date: 3/7/14
Views: 68 3 stars
Boys Night Ben Evans is having a hell of a boys night.
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