Standup Women is all about the ladies. These are the best women comics from around the world live on stage. Stand back, boys, they're funnier than you. Tune in weekly for the best women comics from RooftopComedy stages around the world.

Standup Women

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Date: 3/11/11
Views: 308 5 stars
Date: 4/21/12
Views: 308 5 stars
Date: 3/21/09
Views: 307 5 stars
Crazies, Marriage, Karaoke and Pranks Felicia Gillespie hears voices, Mary Mack lives happily ever after, Melanie Maloy's got karaoke expertise, and Jessi Campbell gets diabolical at the bar.
Date: 4/16/11
Views: 307 5 stars
Date: 2/23/12
Views: 307 4 stars
Dating Musicians Dating musicians might be a bad idea. So is dating drug dealers.
Date: 1/8/11
Views: 306 2 stars
Accutane Side Effects Elise Crocker knows a lot about science
Date: 2/25/12
Views: 302 5 stars
Date: 4/6/09
Views: 301 5 stars
Bears, Babies, Bikinis, and Barack Jessi Campbell is scared of bears, Tracy Schroeder has a baby, Leanne Morgan crams into a bathing suit, and Andi Smith debunks the Obama hype.
Date: 5/4/11
Views: 300 5 stars
Dino Hunter If you could be anything you want when you grow up...what would you be? A DINO HUNTER!
Date: 6/3/09
Views: 298 3 stars
Fellatio, Memories, and Walmart Caitlin Gill gets enthusiastic about her blow jobs, Kathleen McGee reminisces with her man, Andy Erikson works at Walmart, and Carla Clayy is NOT approachable, so don't even try.
Date: 11/13/09
Views: 296 4 stars
Date: 11/13/10
Views: 295 5 stars
Date: 5/15/12
Views: 295 2 stars
Date: 4/17/09
Views: 294 5 stars
Traffic, Drugs, Shame, and iPhones Mary Mack's small town gets a stop light, Tracy Schroeder's favorite anti-weed commercial, Heidi Felder walks the shame aisle, and Allie Rolison has some ideas for Apple.
Date: 1/28/12
Views: 293 5 stars
Twitter Is Awesome Twitter is also secretly malicious.
Date: 4/20/11
Views: 289 5 stars
Date: 10/21/11
Views: 289 3 stars
Date: 5/19/09
Views: 288 5 stars
Calling, Crystals, Labels, and Spanking Carey Moore calls to say hi, Karen Rontowski and her vibrating crystals, Laura Rosenberg labels men, and Caroline Picard wants to talk about spanking with you. Yes, you.
Date: 10/20/10
Views: 288 3 stars
Guys Who Say "No Homo" Kayla Avery sets the slang straight so to speak.
Date: 11/17/11
Views: 288 3 stars
Date: 5/1/09
Views: 286 3 stars
Ice Breaking, Pregnancy, Nature, and Youth Elaine Thompson's tips for breaking the ice with your coworkers, Faye Haire's cute names for being knocked up, the freaky lifecycle of a frog from Andy Erikson, and Lilibeth Helson's secret to looking young...
Date: 4/13/09
Views: 285 5 stars
Girl Scouts, Hair, Careers, and Pizza Girl scout cookies are delicious to the Tennessee Tramp, Laura Thorne donates her hair and it's kind of gross, Donna Lee hangs out with strippers, and Jessi Campbell is addicted to pizza. But who isn't?
Date: 9/15/11
Views: 285 4 stars
Date: 1/18/12
Views: 284 3 stars
Following Politics Political issues are ranked in order of importance. #1 cheating, #2 taxes and #3 hairstyles.
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