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Date: 2/2/09
Views: 18 5 stars
Cell Phones, Racism, The Big 3 and Barack Alonzo Bodden reviews 'Notorious,' Kyle Grooms thinks Obama is black enough, John Roy's got debt, and Rich Hall knows America's debt is bigger.
Date: 2/9/09
Views: 22 5 stars
Phelps, Election Reflection, & Planned Parenthood Steve Hartman and Michael Phelps get high, Marcus Ryan breaks down the Obama voter, Patrick Susmilch gives some slutty gifts, and W. Kamau Bell gets white people excited about Obama.
Date: 2/16/09
Views: 45 3 stars
Currency, Facebook, Elitism And Value Menus Tyrone Hawkins salutes Obama, Amber Preston is addicted to Facebook, Jimmy Dore thinks Obama is a snob, and Jeremy Essig sees the bright side of the economic downturn.
Date: 2/23/09
Views: 16 3 stars
Role Reversals, PETA, Geneva & Gas Prices Josh Sneed smells the change, Tabari McCoy says to get your boobs out of his ice cream, James Moore predicts the end of the world, and Ty Barnett scams Exxon.
Date: 3/2/09
Views: 71 5 stars
Obama, Fake Boobs, Recession Math, and Gun Nuts Obama gets sworn in and Josh Sneed was there (so was everyone else), Matt Fugate buys some graduation boobs, Jimmy Dore does the math on the bailout so you don't have to, and Cy Amundson fears the crazies.
Date: 3/7/09
Views: 1,730 4 stars
Date: 2/28/09
Views: 1,353 5 stars
Date: 1/15/09
Views: 1,766 2 stars
Date: 1/8/09
Views: 2,854 5 stars
Date: 1/10/09
Views: 1,335 5 stars
Date: 12/22/08
Views: 1,441 4 stars
Date: 11/26/08
Views: 2,100 5 stars
Date: 11/11/08
Views: 1,039 3 stars
Date: 10/6/08
Views: 5,199 5 stars
Date: 10/4/08
Views: 1,855 4 stars
Breast milk and ice cream Listen why it may not be a good idea to mess with one of the few pure joys we have in the world ...
Date: 9/20/08
Views: 7,840 4 stars
Date: 8/22/07
Views: 2,915 5 stars
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