In one way or another, hooking up is what makes the world go 'round. It's comedic couples’ therapy: sex, marriage, relationships and what we love to hate (and hate to love) about getting down. You may learn a thing or two... Tune in weekly for the best sex & relationship humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.

Hooking Up

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Date: 5/18/09
Views: 464 5 stars
Marriage, the Internet, and Stripping Moms Ricky Reyes shatters the marriage fantasy, Dave Waite finds love online, Nathan Timmel gets dumped, and Ryan Singer's mom wants to strip.
Date: 5/11/09
Views: 417 3 stars
Sex Deals, Travel, Nakedness, and Dicks Pete Lee makes some sex deals, Jonathan Pace travels for work, Ben San Del is thinking about naked women (always), and Tom Rhodes is realistic about his size. You gotta love honesty.
Date: 5/1/09
Views: 347 5 stars
Dirty Talk, Boyfriends, Marriage, and Toys The sexiest things to say in bed, dealing with boyfriends in the closet, why marriage licenses ought to expire, and overcoming sex toy stigmas. With David James, Nico Santos, Doug Williams, and Jimmy Dore.
Date: 4/24/09
Views: 329 5 stars
Dating, Babes, Wedding Rings, and Drugs Nick Peine deals with lady problems, sparks fly with Ben Gleib and Carmen Electra, Jeff Oskay goes wedding ring shopping, and John Doelling stops by the pharmacy.
Date: 4/17/09
Views: 1,024 5 stars
Fantasies, Boobs, Hot Ladies, and Marriage Sharing your sexual fantasies, decorating your boobs, getting visited by a lady in a very unexciting way, and getting tricked into marriage. Featuring Steve Gillespie, Matt Golightly, Nick Peine, and Tommy ...
Date: 4/13/09
Views: 516 5 stars
Breakups, Texting, Kissing, and Pregnancy Chris Wagel's breakups are like a horror movie, Chris Porter teaches you how to interpret your texts, Mike Lukas explains first kisses, and Mike E. Winfield buys a pregnancy test.
Date: 4/6/09
Views: 294 5 stars
Hotness, Love Style, Dating, and Breakups John Evans wants the ladies to clean it up, Pete Lee is really bad in bed (really), Taylor Williamson plays the dating game, and Mike Lukas thinks live-in couples should think long and hard about the inevit...
Date: 3/28/09
Views: 682 4 stars
Date: 3/30/09
Views: 476 4 stars
Blind Dates, Distance, Sex, and Mom Cy Amundson dates hillbillies, Mark Gross makes his life sound less sexy, Dario Konjicija has some exotic new techniques, and Auggie Smith has some awkward sleepovers.
Date: 3/21/09
Views: 473 5 stars
Sweat Pants, Lesbians, Marriage and Fantasy Ted Alexandro loves sexy sweatpants, Tim Bedore wants his daughter to be a lesbian, Justin Leon's got a white wife, and Jon Fisch shares his sexual fantasies.
Date: 3/13/09
Views: 2,838 5 stars
Date: 3/13/09
Views: 377 5 stars
Three Ways, 69ing, Mood Setting, and Birthdays Tommy Johnagin can't do threesomes, TJ Miller's got a new take on 69ing, Al Ducharme sets the mood, and John Ramsey disappoints his wife... again.
Date: 1/5/09
Views: 264 3 stars
Sex, Marriage, Cheating and Writing To Mom John Mulaney's either a hacker or a stalker, Drew Thomas isn't excited about his friends getting married, Faye Haire's chalks it up to the zodiac, and Robert Hawkins reports back on some action.
Date: 1/12/09
Views: 70 3 stars
Sharing Money, Email Passwords, and Arguments Marriage is a partnership, but does that mean Geoff Tate has to contribute 50% to his? Cy Amundson gives some tips for the best first date ever, Gary Gulman makes his computer girlfriend-proof, and Eddie Go...
Date: 1/19/09
Views: 99 3 stars
Happily Ever After, Lingerie, & Bad Breakups Lisa Landry's marriage is like a movie, and not one of the romantic ones. Mitch Fatel slips into some birthday panties (gross). Rob O'Reilly had a rough breakup. And Erik Rivera's girlfriend has no eyebrows.
Date: 1/26/09
Views: 93 3 stars
Role Play, Dating, Arguing & Home-Wrecking Tommy Ryman does some kinky role playing, Lachlan Patterson figures out how to meet your dream girl, David James' girl knows he's stupid, and Roy Wood Jr doesn't want to see you flaunting your love. Take no...
Date: 2/2/09
Views: 520 3 stars
Cosmo, Strippers, Gay Sex & Relationship Stability Cy Amundson knows how to please men, Tommy Johnagin's not just in it for the sex, Maggie Faris' junk goes 'dink,' and JR Brow's favorite strippers are Wisconsin strippers.
Date: 2/9/09
Views: 576 3 stars
Office Romance, Blowjobs, Moving On, and Marriage Mike MacRae gets down with his coworkers, Andi Smith calls BS on BJs, Lachlan Patterson gets closure by any means necessary, and Tommy Johnagin breaks down what the point of marriage really is.
Date: 2/16/09
Views: 100 3 stars
Break Up, Married Couples, April Fool's & Karaoke It takes two weeks to get out of Jon Fisch's relationships unscathed, Alex Koll celebrates the most romantic holiday, Brendon Walsh breaks up over voicemail, Tim Harmston puts on a karaoke show for the ages...
Date: 2/23/09
Views: 102 3 stars
Pet Names, Compliments, Working Out & Man-Speak Jeff Haven gives his ladies a better nickname, Moshe Kasher knows how to compliment a woman down there, Paul Lakamp's workouts get exciting, and Tyrone Hawkins decodes lady-speak for you.
Date: 3/2/09
Views: 70 3 stars
Sunglasses, Fights, Makin' Babies, and Lies Flip Schultz's women are like sunglasses, Erik Rivera fights with white girls, Tim Harmston thinks parenthood's a scam, and Eddie Gossling's wife is a big fat liar. Well maybe not fat, but definitely a liar...
Date: 2/14/09
Views: 1,231 5 stars
Date: 1/24/09
Views: 1,351 4 stars
Date: 1/24/09
Views: 1,208 5 stars
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