If it stinks, offends, or grosses you out, this is the place to be where comics "go there" and explore those parts of life, anatomy and the human condition that most people, well, keep to themselves. Tune in weekly for the best gross comedy from RooftopComedy artists around the world.


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Date: 2/2/09
Views: 155 3 stars
Dog Farts, Going Green, Long Nails & Tampons Karl Anthony's dog is leaking, Greg Morton wants Sheryl Crow to wipe better, James Ervin Berry's girlfriend has six inch fingernails, and Chad Daniels bought you some tampons.
Date: 2/9/09
Views: 89 3 stars
Ninja Farts, Prince Albert, Dirty Towels & Messes All the women Tyler Hawkins knows fart ninja style, Steve Gillespie gets covered in... something, Chris Maddock gets kicked in the pierced you-know-what, and Eddie Gossling wonders where to pee.
Date: 2/16/09
Views: 84 3 stars
Fun Farting, Dressing Down, Dogs & Eco-Showers Drennon Davis knows you're a smart crowd, Shane Mauss isn't quite as naked as you want him to be, Ben San Del picks up dog stuff, and Paul Mecurio saves the environment, one shower at a time.
Date: 2/23/09
Views: 108 3 stars
Mood Wreckers, First Date Farts & Flaccidity Farts bring you and Christina Pezz closer together, Todd Glass poops on a first date, Ramin Nazer does some stealth masturbating, and Ted Alexandro gets all over the place.
Date: 3/2/09
Views: 112 3 stars
Crop Dusting, Elderly Pleasure, Kitties & Periods Robert Hawkins stinks up an entire airplane, Mark Sweeney talks about old guys whacking it, Dave Landau is popular with cats, and Greg Edwards gets a grip on menstrual cycles. It's all very funny and very v...
Date: 3/7/09
Views: 1,007 4 stars
Date: 2/7/09
Views: 2,805 5 stars
Date: 1/30/09
Views: 2,641 4 stars
Date: 1/16/09
Views: 2,670 4 stars
Date: 12/6/08
Views: 2,298 5 stars
Date: 10/15/08
Views: 3,304 4 stars
Date: 9/27/08
Views: 5,680 5 stars
Date: 9/22/08
Views: 5,141 5 stars
Date: 8/9/08
Views: 3,489 5 stars
Date: 6/28/08
Views: 1,894 4 stars
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