If it stinks, offends, or grosses you out, this is the place to be where comics "go there" and explore those parts of life, anatomy and the human condition that most people, well, keep to themselves. Tune in weekly for the best gross comedy from RooftopComedy artists around the world.


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Date: 7/6/09
Views: 187 4 stars
Poop Salutes, Fart Evidence and Superheroes Josh Sneed gives America a stinky salute, DC Malone does some fart detective work, and Robert Hawkins is a superhero (in the bathroom).
Date: 6/19/09
Views: 1,901 4 stars
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 571 3 stars
Bathrooms, Pooping, Teabags, and Porn Public bathrooms confuse Jamie Lissow, Pete Dominick poops backwards and likes it, Tom Segura gets teabagged, and Matt Braunger has some new rules for porn.
Date: 6/22/09
Views: 386 3 stars
Faking, Masturbating, Doctors, and Babies Ken Ferguson calls in sick, Iain Wright gets caught doing you know what, Ryan Sickler keeps it nasty with his doctor, and Costaki Economopoulos' baby is constipated.
Date: 6/15/09
Views: 333 3 stars
Condoms, Moms, Nuts, and Lil Wayne Eddie Ifft's dog ate a condom, Paul Lakamp argues with mom, Dan O'Sullivan wants to see Nuts, and Dean Edwards has a theory about Lil Wayne.
Date: 6/5/09
Views: 237 3 stars
Rectums, Ball Lumps, and Poop Looking in Paul Lakamp's butt, finding lumps on Trey Galyon's balls, Ken Ferguson's disgusting cell phone alternatives, and John Ramsey combines poop and Russia... somehow.
Date: 5/30/09
Views: 2,215 4 stars
Date: 6/3/09
Views: 257 5 stars
Butt Pain, Pubes, McDonalds, and Dates Paul Lakamp pulls a muscle, Geoff LaFleur pleads with the ladies for a trim, Eddie Brill feels the pain of McDonalds, and Dwight Slade gets romantic... with himself.
Date: 5/26/09
Views: 252 5 stars
Public Grossness, Shoes, and Elders Caitlin Gill farts and Eddie Ifft pees in public, Brian Sawin's got the right shoes for a bathroom emergency, and Tommy Ryman has a message about respecting your elders.
Date: 5/18/09
Views: 286 5 stars
SlimFast, Plungers, Balls, and Butts Josh Branham loses weight and gets loose on SlimFast, Haji Outlaw invents the plunger, Reggie Steele shaves his balls, and Brendon Walsh dyes his butthole.
Date: 5/11/09
Views: 199 3 stars
Sniffing, Paper, Pooping, and Mario Geoff LaFleur sniffs like a man, Ryan Fohl uses his green thumb for dirty purposes, Chris Forbes tries to poop at work, and Bob Biggerstaff thinks Mario Batali rules.
Date: 5/2/09
Views: 1,918 5 stars
Date: 5/1/09
Views: 266 3 stars
Golfing, Flushing, and Party Puking TJ Young stinks up the golf course, Pat Dixon ruminates on his poop achievements, and Matt Braunger explains the rules for puking at parties. More specifically: don't.
Date: 11/21/09
Views: 129 4 stars
Date: 4/24/09
Views: 265 5 stars
Farts, Wieners, Faces, and Wiping Larry Reeb gets his finger pulled, Tom Simmons asks the circumcision question, Ken Garr shows his gross baby face, and Bob Biggerstaff talks about wiping bear butts.
Date: 4/17/09
Views: 286 5 stars
Saving, Pooping, Drinking, and Tanning Pinching pennies, dying with dignity (on the toilet), drunken pranks with your "friends," and getting gross at the tanning salon. Featuring Brian Hicks, Bil Dwyer, Matt Golightly, and John Doelling.
Date: 4/13/09
Views: 809 4 stars
Fatness, Dogs, Bidets, and Porno Tom Segura gives some red flags for fatties, Nathan Trenholm gets a super wet enema, Bil Dwyer loves bidets, and John Doelling watches some gross porno.
Date: 4/6/09
Views: 442 5 stars
Boredom, Potty Style, and Getting Anal Extremely crappy boredom, potty politeness, stinky jobs, and getting anal.
Date: 3/30/09
Views: 296 5 stars
Fart Games, Flies, Showers, and Handywork Christina Pezz does not appreciate the fart games, Collin Moulton observes nature (and things eating poop), Amber Preston passes the soap, and Graham Elwood gets handy... all alone.
Date: 3/21/09
Views: 300 5 stars
Farts, God, Work Fun, and Jerking It Christian Finnegan farts in an elevator, Tarik Lewis gets the word of God in the crapper, Dan Beachler uses a lot of tissues at work, and Graham Elwood officiates a masturbation battle of the sexes.
Date: 3/13/09
Views: 685 5 stars
Stinky Women, Impotence, Poop, and More Poop Kevin Brennan's wife lets it rip, Bob Biggerstaff finds a new use for putting his cell phone in his pants, Albert Im's car gets covered in grossness, and Jason Kanter takes in the beauty of poops in New Yor...
Date: 1/5/09
Views: 837 3 stars
Girl Farts, Gross Bathing, And Spanking The Monkey Rick Gutierrez argues that women fart grosser, Tres Croswell gets too fat to masturbate (almost), Carl Labove's diarrhea is explosive, Jessi Campbell hides out in the poop stall, and Tommy Ryman asks: bath ...
Date: 1/12/09
Views: 144 3 stars
Pooping On The Go, Sick Pets And Magical Toilets Cy Amundson's life is a marathon of crap, Mark Pitta gets the animals barfing, Mark Sweeney cuts the cheese on the plane, and Eddie Gossling is a funky kind of wizard.
Date: 1/19/09
Views: 129 5 stars
Bowel Control, Fellatio, Condoms, & Drunken Tazing Watch out – Andy Ritchie sharted, Robert Buscemi's manhood is malfunctioning all over the place, Erik Allen just got tased, and Pat Dixon will do disgusting things to sleep in.
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