Rooftop Comedy's resident news junkie, Will Durst, gives a 60-second comedy rundown of each week’s top news story. Will is a 5-time Emmy nominee and recipient of 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year. Burst of Durst is a Rooftop Comedy original production.

A Burst of Durst


The news in 60 seconds

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Date: 6/15/09
BOD: The Reagan Statue Will Durst waxes nostalgic in honor of the new Ronald Reagan statue unveiled in Washington D.C.

Episode Guide

Date: 6/3/09
Views: 1,246 5 stars
Date: 5/27/09
Views: 463 5 stars
BOD: Speaking Of Torture Will Durst asks: Why won't The CIA and Nancy Pelosi stop bickering? It's just torture, right?
Date: 5/11/09
Views: 782 5 stars
BOD: Gay Marriage Will Durst doesn't know what the big fuss is over Gay Marriage. There more important things to worry about, right?
Date: 5/8/09
Views: 508 5 stars
BOD: I Hate Earth Day Will Durst is here to ask: how did Earth Day end up as a Hallmark Holiday anyway?
Date: 4/29/09
Views: 535 5 stars
BOD: First 100 Days Will Durst hopes Obama's next 100 days in office provide more to make fun of. Is that too much to ask?
Date: 4/28/09
Views: 384 5 stars
BOD: Mexican Swine Blues Will Durst ponders the state of Mexican tourism amid gang war and flu outbreaks. Margaritas anyone?
Date: 4/16/09
Views: 461 5 stars
BOD: Arrogant Incompetent Greedy Will Durst cannot believe the nerve of AIG. Can you?
Date: 4/15/09
Views: 402 5 stars
BOD: Tax You, Tax Me Will Durst is here to wish you a Happy Tax Day, if there is such a thing.
Date: 4/15/09
Views: 164 5 stars
BOD: ARGGH Diplomacy Will Durst is amazed at the newest of President Obama's foreign policy challenges...Pirates?
Date: 4/14/09
Views: 187 3 stars
BOD: The Meatloaf Meltdown Who's the real bad guy in the economic meltdown? Will Durst finally figured it out.
Date: 4/7/09
Views: 187 5 stars
Burst Of Durst: Back To Afghanistan Will Durst wonders: why are we going back to Afghanistan? That is SO 2001.
Date: 4/1/09
Views: 141 5 stars
Burst of Durst: The G-20 Summit The G-20 Summit is in session! Will Durst reminds you not to hold your breath for anything to get fixed.
Date: 3/12/09
Views: 351 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Bush Speaks! What's more unbelievable than a George W. Bush speaking tour? Will Durst has a few ideas.
Date: 3/12/09
Views: 219 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Recession Cookies Will Durst is here to remind you that it's time to do your patriotic duty, America, and buy some girl scout cookies. Or else!
Date: 3/12/09
Views: 174 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Forbes List Roundup Will Durst is celebrating: Forbes' annual Richest People List is here! Who wants to call them up and ask for our tax cuts back?
Date: 3/12/09
Views: 152 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Play Ball! Will Durst wonders, who cares about the whole steroid scandal? Let's focus on what's really important about baseball: the hot dogs.
Date: 2/26/09
Views: 414 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Tax Cut Zombies! Will Durst has some terrifying news about the opponents of the stimulus package. Protect your brains – they're under attack!
Date: 2/26/09
Views: 146 5 stars
Burst of Durst: The Best Cabinet Money Can't Buy Will Durst gets to the bottom of the whole Obama cabinet scandal, and it's more diabolical than you thought.
Date: 2/26/09
Views: 92 5 stars
Burst of Durst: The Silent Alarm Will Durst asks, who's really robbing us blind? The answer: everyone. They're just calling it a bailout.
Date: 2/26/09
Views: 117 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Death By Taxes Is there a better way to go than death by taxes? Will Durst could probably think of a few. But nothing quite so... stimulating.
Date: 1/17/09
Views: 146 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Impeachment Day! Will Durst knows there's nothing like a good impeachment to get your week going. It helps if there's bad hair involved.
Date: 1/17/09
Views: 273 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Inauguration Day Will Durst muses about the party of the century, and its many many balls.
Date: 1/17/09
Views: 77 5 stars
Burst of Durst: Obama's First 100 Hours Will Durst weighs in on the first 100 hours of the Obama presidency. Will this guy get to work already?
Date: 1/17/09
Views: 371 5 stars
Burst of Durst: The Worst President Ever? Will Durst looks back on the reign of W.. Worst president ever? Magic 8 ball says... maybe.
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