Susan's braved weather, traffic, and speed traps throughout the midwest to bring her edgy, honest comedy to the stage. Don't be fooled by her "PTA Mom" appearance - she can take a sailor down a peg or two. Her philosophy about comedy is simple: "the truth doesn't have to hurt; it's also not G-rated." Paradoxically, what's most refreshing about her approach is that she doesn't use her disregard for the G-rating as a license to be crude. "I'm an adult, people in the audience are adults - we can talk about grown-up stuff without being overly graphic or nasty about it. On the other hand, if you're an adult who freaks out over a little cuss word here or there, I don't know what to tell you - maybe 'get well soon?'"

After a decade of snorting chalk dust in the Pacific Northwest, Susan moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Double-dared to take the stage during Open-Mic Night at a local comedy club, she made some people laugh and has been hooked ever since. Susan was a finalist in last year's Oklahoma's Funniest Person Contest.

susan freeman

My Clips

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pot song

Susan Freeman, composer of inappropriate songs for children and rockstar-wannabe, performing her latest masterpiece for an audience in Oklahoma.

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3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Susan Freeman @ Loony Bin Comedy Club

Bit about kids' games and bit about racism jokes.

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susan freeman - teaching

Bit about former teaching career.

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