In 2009 I completed a Honours degree in Film and Television Production at ARU in Cambridge. Since then I have worked as a freelance video producer for community services such as KEYSTONE. Producing promotional videos for local and district childrens activities. I then went on to work as a producer at STAR RADIO in cambridge, helping out on the 'Best Of' show with Mark Peters. I also produced and directed a number of small promo videos for the station which are now featured on their website.

At this time I provided technical support for the TV STUDIO at ARU, employed as the TV STUDIO SUPERVISOR. I also taught lesson's in 16mm editing on STEENBECK cutting machines and assisted teaching directing for MULTI CAMERA.

I am currently working as a MEDIA TECH at Sprowston High school in Norwich. My credits include NOT INFRONT OF NANA, a popular sketch show on line, which I co wrote/produced/directed and edited. I have also written and directed a Mockumentary called 'LITTLE GARY NUTKINS' which has been featured in festivals including the DEEP FRIED FESTIVAL in Glasgow. My first film 'Quarantined' with my co writer MATT GOWARD, was a finalist in the ANGEL FILM FESTIVAL in London.

richard willett
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