With his fearlessly brilliant and biting politically-laced humor, comedian Michael Hayne gives a clear voice to widespread American frustration over Bush administration missteps and hypocrisies, and to all of today’s politicians and political climate. He is the cure for the safe, politically correct garbage that has been infecting comedy like a contagious and fatal disease.

Mike’s the kind of guy you meet in a dark alley and instead of stealing your wallet, he steals your self-confidence and then buys you a drink. Of course he eventually asks you to pay him back for the drink because after all, he really isn’t a nice guy...THANK GOD.

In 2006 Michael hayne teamed up with a group of disgruntled writers and citizens to create a new political project called "Turn Left"--a satirical, edgy political comedy created by Kevin O’ Driscoll a.k.a., Nivek Absurdo, directed by Billy Dean, and produced by Julio Soler of Soler Productions in which Michael Hayne writes sketches"Name that slant: Conservative Republican or Liberal Democrat and characters Hawk McCyanide, a dyspeptic, dyed-in-the-wool conservative and Dick O’ Toole, a smarmy and self-satisfied reactionary and performs stand-up Son of Chad: The Apocalypse.

Turn Left is unique in that its onus is to provoke thought before laughter on a variety of social and political topics, all of which come from a liberal perspective. In short, if the Daily Show and the weekend update were ever to mate, Turn Left would be their bastard child.

Check out the Turn Left Sketch that placed second in the Chicago Film Festival

Michael is curently working on a new mockumentary entitled "The Freedom Delusion". Check back for more.

Bitter Ponderings from Michael Hayne:

"As an intellectual superior, I’m desperately trying not to drown amid a sea of intellectual inferiors"

"Diplomacy is the genteel art of saying ’nice doggie’; then throwing a rock the size of Jupiter"

"Reality only applies to the ghoulies willing to devour the Sultan of Oman’s right testicle for a modest bundle of cash"

"Liberal is a branch of political thought adored by humans and hated by Republicans"

"Democracy comes out of the barrel of Dick Cheney’s Gun"

michael hayne

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