Johnny B lives in Coffs Harbour, Australia and these days is semi retired just making music, comedy and pictorial videos.

Johnny has over 800 videos on his Youtube site here:

Where you can subscribe and keep up to date with all his new material from music, comedy, satire and various pictorial videos which are all free to watch.

For more details you can find info on his website here:

Johnny B

My Clips

3 stars
Sheepys Psychic Predictions.

Sheepy gives us all an insight into the future with his Psychic Predictions.

3 stars
What's The Perfect Woman?

Sheepy discusses how to get a perfect woman.

3 stars
The Philosophy Of Life

Johhny talks about the cost of living and how supermarkets control our lives.

3 stars
Ventriloquist talk with Johnny B and Terry.

Johnny B and Terry the ventriloquist doll have a talk and a small song.

3 stars
Eternity - Can You Afford To Die?

Johnny B talks about life after death and some of the possible options out there.

5 stars
Talk About The Dead.

Australian Johnny B discusses life after death in the Cemetery. Don't think you're alone and safe after death.

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