Called “Brave and Bawdy” by Time Out Chicago and “Righteous and Chipper” by the Times-Picayune, Jessica Halem was raised by hippie Jewish artists from the East Coast which was anything but normal – or easy – in small-town Ohio, but did help to foster this very funny “on-your-face” comic who puts her queer spin on everything from Sudafed to Feminism to Glory Holes.

Jessica Halem was trained in femme queerness Sarah Lawrence College, earned her chops as a social justice activist working for Bella Abzug and as a LGBTQ health activist running the Lesbian Community Cancer Project.

Jessica Halem performs at every college, Pride and bathhouse where she can help find the funny in even the toughest of times:

Jessica Halem

My Clips

3 stars
Lesbian on Sudafed

I love Sudafed especially when I'm not sick.

5 stars
Lecherous Lesbians

I always wanted to be a lecherous lesbian.

5 stars
Lesbian Glory Hole

Jessica Halem discusses her love of Glory Holes and what her dream Glory Holes would be like

3 stars
Jessica Halem plays her first gay bathhouse

NYC Pride 2010. Watch as Jessica Halem finds her way to her first gay bathhouse to perform comedy for the boys.

3 stars
A Jew in New Orleans

Life is hard living in a post-Holocaust world. Jessica Halem finds herself waiting for the shoe to fall even when she's just trying to party.

3 stars
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Jessica Halem and friends discover beauty, beavers and volcanoes

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