Dusty Slay was born in Alabama, splitting his time living with his mom in a trailer park and his dad on a farm. One would say he was born to be either a comedian or a meth addict. Slay then moved to Charleston, SC in 2004 and began performing improvised and stand up comedy. He's been performing all over the country ever since. Slay recently relocated to Nashville, where he can be seen performing stand up all over town.

"I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth, and I was lucky to have that spoon." --Dusty Slay

Dusty has released his first album entitled "Makin' That Fudge" and it is available here of at dustyslay.com

Dusty Slay


My Clips

5 stars
I Used To Wait Tables pt 2

Dusty Slay outlines some of the funny situations one encounters as a waiter in a restaurant.

5 stars
Identity Theft And Beards

Dusty Slay's identity is in no danger of theft thanks to his poor credit and ill-favored face.

5 stars
It Aint Eumfunny

Dusty Slay examines hilarious colloquialisms associated with extreme weather.

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