The name is Aaron Ducker, he's a stand up comedian from Toowoomba... wherein he is known as Toowoomba's dirty little comedy secret... Aaron Ducker's Comedy is said to be like a good prostitute... Easy, Acessable and most of all cheap... In 2007 he was a contestant in the Melbourne International Comedy Festivals Class Clown. 2008 was a big year for the Azzman, he made it to the semifinals of MICF's Raw competiton, held in brisbane. he also won the Toowoomba Funny Bone Competition held for the very first time in 2008. further more in 2009 he won his RAW heat and became a semifinalist for the second time... but he was not to be a semi-finalist in 2010 instead he made it all the way to the state final of raw... therefore making him one of the top 15 comics in queensland out of a record breaking over 200 entrants...

Aaron Ducker
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