Christian Pieper is a writer and comedian from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2012, Salt Lake City Weekly gave him an art award for his Twitter account (@piepercomedy), and in 2013 they nominated him as Best Stand-Up Comic in Utah. He's a regular at the Wiseguys comedy clubs in Salt Lake City and Ogden, and he's also been featured in the Boston Comedy Festival, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Idaho Laugh Fest, and other festivals and competitions across the country. Christian has also performed abroad, having done shows for troops and civilians in eight different countries. Alternatively challenging and reassuring, his material is always honest, insightful, and good-natured, even when delving into dark or controversial topics. Christian loves dogs and his physique and hairline constitute a tribute to the late, great James Gandolfini.

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My Clips

5 stars
Cyber Sex

Christian Pieper was a lonely kid. Someone took advantage of that.

5 stars
Calling Me Big

Christian Pieper explains just how hard he is trying to lose weight! (Spoiler: not very hard)

5 stars
My Dad, The Sex Coach

Christian Pieper's father taught him what he could about sex. The rest Christian had to learn on his own.

5 stars
The Good Racist

Christian Pieper gets nervous around black people. But, as he explains, its not necessarily a bad thing.

5 stars
Commercialized Holidays

Christian Pieper tries being a chest-beating capitalist and figures out how to move this country forward. He's like Bill Clinton, only kewler.

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