Zach Hale's comedy can be described in one word, however, since it's Zach Hale in which the word would be describing, the word would more than likely be made up, or just not make any sense at all.

Zach Hale's unique style of joke writing can be compared to such greats as Norm MacDonald, Neil Hamburger, Andy Kaufman, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun and whale sharks.

Anytime you see Zach Hale step onto a stage, you better be certain that all Hale is about to break loose. Using a mixture of anti-humor and a singsong, absurd, delivery, Zach Hale puts on one Hale of a show, that makes him a favorite of audiences, and fellow comedians alike.

Anytime you have the chance to see Zach Hale perform, you better take it, because it will change your life. For good or bad is yet to be determined.

Zach Hale
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