Yayne Abeba is a native San Franciscan. As a child you could find her dancing and singing her way around San Francisco with the San Francisco Children's Opera. In 1995, she began studying with Jean Shelton at the Jean Shelton actor's lab. She was bitten by the comedy bug in 1999 at Tony Spark's Luggage Store. "...It's like I have no control over it... whether it's an open mike, a showcase, or a soap box, I just want to be a part of it... I love making people laugh... I love to entertain..." Realizing that there was no cure, she accepted her fate. She has been touted as one of San Francisco's up and coming comedians. Her style as been described as fresh, innovative, cutting edge and just damn funny!!! She received rave reviews for her performance at the first Holy City Zoo production, "Zoology 101", in January of 2000. She has performed at the Kung Pao Kosher Comedy show, Funny Girlz with Renee Hicks and Elvira Kurt. She took second place in the 2001 Russian River Comedy Competition. She is the winner of the 2002 Russian River Comedy Competition. She has also competed in the 27th and 28th Annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition. She competed in the 2002 Seattle Comedy Competition. In 2004 she was featured on NBC's Last Comic Standing Season Two. She received rave reviews as Denny, The Elitist and Stacey Bitterberg in the premier of the Shelton Theater Production, "Indigo Don".

2008 has brough great things for Yayne Abeba. She has been working with a new production company on a new television pilot. In August she worked with an African American Theater company to bring her one woman show to the stage. She has performed with David Allen Grier, Rickey Smiley, Dan Lewis, Kathleen Madigan, Rob Cantrell, Betsey Salkind, Renee Hicks, Elvira Kurt, Page Hurwitz, Johnny Steele, Brian Copeland, Arj Barker, Jim Short, Tony Camin, Will Durst, Al Madrigal just to name a few. You can find her bringing her unique and refreshing style of comedy to clubs and colleges all over the country.

Yayne Abeba

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