Xavier Reginald King a.k.a. "X-MAN" was born in Mobile, Alabama. At the tender age of five, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio. X-MAN found himself engulfed with the love for comedy, as a child growing up a very comical family.

At the age of thirteen, he won his first comedy contest in the Euclid High School talent show in 1983. He then went on to win second place at the Cleveland Jazz Fest at Luke Easter Park making him the youngest comedian to win the freestyle comedy contest in 1986.

These humble beginnings marked the start of a wild adventure that has given X-MAN a completely different outlook on life's up and downs.

He uses true-life experiences to show people that everything from discipline of your kids to death has humor within it, and he believes that it's only a matter of loving GOD and life itself to finding a way to laugh. He has the uncanny ability to take his experiences and turn them into an electrifying performance.

X-MAN is headed to being one of the best comedians to surface in years!

Xavier King

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