Hometown: Chicago, IL<br><br>

William Crespo stumbled into comedy in 2005 while performing variety
show acts at Columbia College Chicago. Shortly after being asked to
host the popular "Wise Ass Comedy Show", he took to stand-up in bars
and clubs across the city. A product of the ADD-prone, video game and
internet-addicted Generation Y, Will's playful yet eccentric comedy
blends pop culture, awkward childhood moments and adulthood fears into
an appropriate excuse for his behavior.
Wether on your couch or in your car, Will's just kind of a chill dude.

William Crespo


My Clips

3 stars
If Nintendo was real

Will Crespo in The Belly Room @ The Comedy Store

4 stars

Will Crespo in The Belly Room @The Comedy Store

3 stars
favorite cereal

a clip from the edge comedy club

3 stars
TV can be Dangerous

Edge comedy club

3 stars
William Crespo, Columbia College

Regional Semi-Final Match-ups performed at Zanies comedy club in Chicago.

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