Wayne Burfeind Has a happily jaded approach combined with Contemporary observations spiked with an eye for the ridiculous. His stage persona is some amiable and unassuming, you won't notice how far into left field he's taken you, until you're already there.

Wayne Burfeind


My Clips

4 stars
Gym Courtesy

Wayne Burfeind explains how to be courteous at the gym, and why he doesn't worry about people watching him shower.

4 stars
15th Anniversary

Wayne Burfeind explains the intimacies of celebrating his 15 years anniversary with his wife.

5 stars
My Nephew's Questions

Wayne Burfeind has a hard time answering all of his nephew's questions about life.

3 stars
Flashbacks to Fargo

Wayne Burfeind tells the very funny story of an encounter with visitors from the South.

4 stars
Winter Superpowers

Wayne Burfeind wouldn't choose the usual superpowers, if given the choice. His choices are far more practical.

4 stars
Gay Unicorn Marketing

Wayne Burfeind re-crafts a street joke and leaves them wanting more unicorn!

3 stars
When I Loved My Wife

Wayne Burfeind reflects on a simpler time when all he had to do was hold his woman.

5 stars
Our Phone Sex

Wayne Burfeind is getting hot and bothered and his wife is cool!

5 stars
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