Vinnie Brand sold his flower shop, closed his construction company and divorced his wife, all so that he could open The Stress Factory Comedy Club. He lived in a
boarding house for fathers that lost it all in bad divorces, with three kids, no money, and no car. Somehow, Vinnie was able to overcome everything and is now a successful New York based headliner.

He has also appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd”, The
Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Best of the Fest,
The New York Comedy Festival, and the Toyota Comedy Festival.
He has also appeared on the Opie and Anthony Radio show,
WNEW & XM, The Jim Breuer show “Unleashed” Sirius, FULL
METAL COMEDY and the independent film “White Chicks”. He has
also starred in a commercial for Direct TV, released a CD entitled
“This is Vinnie Calling” and done various voice overs.

Today Vinnie spends his time on stage all over New York
City talking about the things he knows best, kids,
marriage, bills and family. His unique approach lets him
weave a story that captivates audiences of all ages while
pissing off his ex wife. Overall, it has all worked out.

Vinnie Brand
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