But his tiny heart just couldn't handle all the attention and success so it exploded inside his sunken chest....Perhaps we should go back to the beginning.

Vince Averill third child of Alice and Lee was thought of as laughable from a very early age. His first recognition came in the form of his 4th grade teacher remarking about his "mature" sense of humor on his report card. Not mature like dick and fart, that would come later and then pass as his interest in telling jokes only about Garbage Pail kids consumed him in the 5th grade. The next few years would shape Vince's world view during labor intense stints at Big Boy Restaurant, and a strawberry farm. It was during these years that the idea that life had a high propensity to suck was born, and a form of deflection would be created. Through the years Vince would say stupid things in an attempt to trick people into thinking he was cooler than he was, and he'd suggest that including him in activities would at the very least make others feel better about themselves. Later in college he'd use these same tactics when attracting members of the opposite sex but that's for another time.

Fast Forward

Early in the 21st century during a continued search for life relevance the idea of humor as a form of currency was born. He'd begin sketch writing classes at Second City and dream of talking into microphones. He's since enjoyed remarkable success as a stand-up comedian hence the website. Some of these remarks include, "He's smart and relatable", "Booking this chap has been a God send".

Vince Averill


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