The LA-based sketch comedy group Unmentionables Comedy, quite simply, promises to make you laugh - intentionally or otherwise we're used that, actually. We'll do whatever it takes...stop at nothing...leave no hack premise, stereotype or pop culture reference unturned. Why? Because we love you, baby. You're the one for us. All those others, they meant nothing, nada...But we digress.

You must be wondering, "How did it happen? What confluence of cosmic events came into play to bring together such profoundly gifted individuals?" It was rather banal, actually. The sort of thing that happens everyday: We met in a cult deprogramming facility in Bakersfield. We're better now, just a slight, lingering craving for lime-flavored cool-aid and matching track suits. We'll settle for different track suits as long as they're all the same color, really...well, they don't have to be the same color. They can all be the same brand with different colors. Just make sure they're made of mesh material; some of us are allergic to cotton and the craftsmanship of 10-year old Guatemalan children.

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