His name is Tyrone Hawkins, graduate of the world famous Cincinnati School for the Creative and Performing Arts. His major? Comedy!

After a couple of bad record deals he realized becoming the next Tupac wasn't in the cards.

Tyrone re-invented himself by studying the martial arts. While training endlessly to attain a fifth degree black-belt in Yoga, Tyrone Hawkins began his quest for truth.

Searching for treasures in the dark places of his mind, through the sweat, and tears of past heart wrenching disappointments, he one day awakens to find peace, and true spiritual creaminess. On that day he held aloft his magic sword, and said "By the Power of Grey Skull... I have the POWER!" Once he had achieved enlightenment he knew it was time.

Tyrone began this roller coaster ride of a stand-up comedy career in the Puget Sound in 2001. When it just wouldn't stop raining in Seattle, he moved back to his home town in 2003. It was there he crafted the stylish laid back joke telling persona that made him...

Winner of Jerry Springer's Funniest fan contest 2006.

3 Brew Ha-ha comedy festival appearances.

Top five finalist of the 2006 Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" commercial contest.

Winner of the "Golden Shingle" award at the 2008 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival.

Winner of the 2009 "Doritos Crash the Super Bowl" commercial contest.

2010 Pepsi Max national commercial debut "Tool Fight".

2011 Bob and Tom show national radio debut.

Top 5 finalist, and 3rd place winner in the 2012 Seattle International Comedy Festival.

Tyrone currently attends classes at L.C.U.A.A.J.N. Lando Calrissian University for African-American Jedi Nights, where he majors in The Force, with a minor in Hair care product development.

"I'm gonna supply the world with a more suitable, less greasy, all natural Jerry curl juice formula".

This guy doesn't have to force anyone to laugh, it just seems to happen... Online ratings for the jokester, 5 out of
5 stars!!!

Tyrone Hawkins


My Clips

3 stars
Hip Hop Country

Tyrone Hawkins let them dogs out. Skeet skeet!

3 stars
Minus Black Credit

Tyrone Hawkins lost 1,000 hood credits.

3 stars
Whoopin Sleep

Tyrone Hawkins is keeping it up cause he wants to.

3 stars
The Moose Is Loose

Tyrone Hawkins needs to win some money so he can buy a moose.

3 stars
Wish I Was Rich

Tyrone Hawkins is wishing he was rich but he already is!...With laughter. Who needs money? Don't answer that, Tyrone.

4 stars
Chatline Dating

Tyrone Hawkins has met the girl of his dreams. AND she's a Star Wars fan.

4 stars
5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
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