Tyler S. has been performing standup in the DC area since 2005, had been performing sketch comedy four years prior, and been writing and producing comedy even earlier than that. Tyler's thought-driven, punk rock and hockey-obsessed humor has been called everything from "intellectual" to "funny as sh*t." He was once threatened onstage by Johnny Yong Bosch, and the video exists somewhere on the internet.

Some of the places Tyler has performed include The DC Improv, The Baltimore Comedy Factory, The Sidebar Tavern (Baltimore) including appearances with the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour, the Westcott Theater (Syracuse) with the Geek Comedy Tour, One Eyed Jack's (New Orleans), La Nuit Theatre (New Orleans), the Atlas Theater (DC), Riot Act Club (DC), Joker's Wild (New Haven), University of Maryland, Georgetown University @ Bulldog Alley, Towson University, The Old Town Theatre (Alexandria, VA), Art-o-matic (DC), the 955 Club (Richmond), Standup NY, Treehouse Comedy (Milford, CT), and more.

Tyler also produces a comedy and music podcast called The Big Takeover, and is the writing coordinator for the DC Theater Organization Hexagon. He also contributes to ZMEMusic.com and Razorcake Magazine

Tyler Sonixon

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