Troy was born in Indianapolis on June 2, 1960. He attended eight different schools in twelve years. Troy learned early in life how to make new friends quickly. He is the youngest of four kids and both parents loved to laugh, this set the stage for Troy to always try to get attention in a humorous way.

Troy graduated from high school and started a brick laying business. Troy worked in that trade for twenty-three years, by this time Troy was on his third marriage. Talking about his divorces make people laugh.

After going to a local comedy club, Troy decided that he was just as funny as the guy he saw getting paid. So he went to an open-mic night and killed. He didn’t bomb until his third time on stage, so he started writing material based on his life experiences. He won a local contest that lead to his first paid week as an Emcee. It wasn’t long before he was working clubs all over the mid-west. Five years later he decided to do comedy full time and is currently working comedy clubs all over the country.

Troy is forty-four with three kids, a twenty-six year old gay son, and two daughters, twenty and sixteen. So he can connect with parents and relates to young people very well. Troy’s comedy is clean and he is so likeable onstage that he wins his audience over instantly with his hilarious outlook on everyday situations. Troy is truly original, hysterical and very real. He’s been called Steven Wright on speed. It doesn’t matter is the crowd is twenty or seventy, funny is funny. He will be one to watch for; he is undoubtedly headed for his own sitcom.

Troy Davis
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