It is difficult to believe that Trey Mowder has only been doing stand-up since 2008: in less than two years, he has already performed with Brian Posehn, Greg Proops, and Maria Bamford, and within six months, had placed fourth in The Jukebox Comedy Club’s Annual Amateur Competition in Peoria, IL.

Trey has an incredibly unique stage presence, utilizing spot-on timing and extended pauses to ensure he and his audience are on the same page. Upon first impression, you’d think Trey was heavily influenced by Wright and/or Hedberg, but he wasn’t; after a few jokes, it’s clear that Trey has a stage persona that is all his own. That is, his stage persona is himself with a mic. Try to talk to him; the awkward thing isn’t an act.

Openly a Christian and virgin, Trey abstains from topics concerning sex, drugs, race, politics, and vulgarities. Many comedians will cause you to think “yeah, I’ve totally thought that before;” but Trey just wants you to think. He doesn’t care if you’ve noticed it before, just that you will next time.

After doing stand up for just under 18 months, Trey moved to Chicago to begin attending classes at the Second City Training Center, and in less than four, had already started his own stand-up comedy showcase, The Two-Hour Comedy Hour, of which he is the host and producer, from the ground up. Currently, Trey can be found doing stand-up every single night in and around Chicago.

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