Trey Galyon was born in Boston and spent most of his childhood in the not so mean suburbs of Philadelphia, till his family moved to Austin, TX right before his freshman year in High School. After a few goes at the college thing, including a brief stint at Texas A & M University Architecture School, Trey decided to take the slacker way out and do what came natural to him, make people laugh. He quickly became a favorite at the local Austin clubs and began hitting the road up and down the Midwest. He’s been lucky enough to perform with some of the best Comedians of the last decade, including Ron White, Mitch Hedberg, Greg Giraldo and Tom Rhodes to name a few. With his brutal honesty and quick wit, Trey was called the ‘Anti Hero of Comedy’ by the Austin Chronicle. From family, to drugs, to an unnatural love of peanut butter, Trey tackles the not so tough subjects and hip checks a few that shoulda been left alone. Trey was asked to be part of SiTV's Latino Laugh Festival 3 years in a row, and he opened for Ted Alexandro at the 2010 Charleston Comedy Festival. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY and would love for you to come say ‘high’ after a show.

Trey Galyon
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3 stars
Fear The Cheer

Some people love the holiday season so much that it verges on crazy! This hilarious compilation features comics Trey Galyon, Todd Jay, and Marvin Todd talking about the absurdities of gift giving, shopping, and spending that holiday buck!

5 stars
5 stars
Beer Goggles

Trey Galyon sees things differently than his friends... mostly because he's not wearing beer goggles.

4 stars
Roommate's Eye

Trey Galyon's new roommate might regret going drinking with him.

5 stars
Green Eyed Girl

Trey Galyon loves the the color of your eyes.

5 stars

Trey Galyon doesn't believe everything he sees on TV.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
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