Tony Carr is a stand up comic based out of Chicago.

Tony Carr, stands at a whopping five foot two inches tall, when on stage, he is bigger than life. Tony’s way of making a connection with an audience has enabled him to make a name for himself very quickly, on stages around the area.. Comedy clubs such as Zanies Chicago has welcomed Tony to their world famous stage. He has also been featured at the Harry Carey’s, Walter Payton’s Round House, Donnie B’s Funny Bone and The Comedy Station of San Francisco.

Tony Carr’s love of comedy has also lead him to producing. Tony is currently the producer of eight shows a month in the Chicago suburbs. These rooms give new comics a place to perform for “real audiences” rather than just the comics at open mics. These shows are a positive part of the community, and an opportunity for the comics to sharpen their skills, and have fun.

“It’s all about having a good time…. If you are having fun, the audience will too.”

Tony Carr is proving to be a positive and entertaining, up and coming comedian.

Tony Carr
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