My 1st time on stage was September 24th, 2009. I was terrified but I did not bomb. I always said I should write down some of the stuff I think about but I was always to busy working. Thanks to the economy, I am no longer working. So, Here I am. To quote Richard Pryor "hope I'm funny".

Had the pleasure of openning for Kevin Hart at the RI Comedy Connection.

You can find me on YouTube under "tonyalvescomic"

Tony Alves

My Clips

3 stars
Sarasota's Got Talent Semis

Talking about Motel6 and Dunkin Donuts

3 stars
Jon and Kate Plus Eight

I am sick and tired of hearing about Jon and Kate.

3 stars
Renewing my wedding vows

A few weeks ago my wife asked me if I wanted to renew our wedding vows.

3 stars
US Female 4x100 track team

These woman run fast but they walk so slow.

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