Tone Bell stars in the NBC multi-camera comedy "Whitney" as RJ, a former high school friend of Alex (Chris D'Elia) who now tends bar while offering sage advice to the gang at Low Bar.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Bell began his career in Dallas, where he was voted one of the Funniest Comics in Texas. His real-life brand of comedy has seen him succeed on the festival circuit and garner accolades at NBC as the winner of the Stand-Up For Diversity program.

Most recently, Bell was featured on VH1's "Single Ladies," in commercials for Miller Lite, Verizon NFL Mobile and on his "Watch the Tone" college tour. In addition, he was featured in the docu-style Dodge Dart commercial for Spike TV's tribute to Eddie Murphy.

Bell now resides in Los Angeles and continues to perform stand-up across the country.

Tone Bell

My Clips

5 stars
Father's Fashion Show

Tone Bell knows that in fashion, you better work!

3 stars
Alzheimer Dad Phase

Tone Bell's grandfather must have been a very popular guy in the 70's.

5 stars
Sleeping or Dead?

Tone Bell was watching a dude not move for four hours. Now, it's tickling time.

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