Tom Van Horn started performing stand-up back in 1993 after his girlfriend of nine years dumped him. Having a lot of anger and bitterness and nowhere to vent it, he went to an open mic and spewed his feelings about his life to a room full of strangers. And so another comic is born! Hey, it was cheaper than going to therapy.
Cut to today, Tom is now a regular in the NYC comedy club circuit. Other credits include writing for the Friars Roasts and US Weekly Magazine as well as appearances in numerous TV commercials.

Tom Van Horn

My Clips

5 stars
A Porn Problem

Tom Van Horn doesn't have a problem with porn but I've heard his "friend," John San Dorn, DOES!

5 stars
Blew My Chance

Tom Van Horn had a disappointing 40th birthday.

5 stars
No Childhood Memories

Tom Van Horn remembers remembering.

5 stars
Ideal Weight

Tom Van Horn has an honest doctor.

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