Tom Steffen looks like a sane person, but don't judge a book by its cover. His off-kilter outlook on life keeps audiences laughing for more. After almost two decades as a successful radio personality and total theatre geek, Tom decided to plunge into a new area of show business and began his comedy career in 2002. He performs in clubs and other venues around the country, was a 2007 regional contender in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight Contest, and more recently, he was a featured performer at the 2009 CBC Winnpeg Comedy Festival and the 2009 Great American Comedy Festival. On stage, Tom shares the goofy adventures he finds in everyday living, from his days spent toiling away in his cubicle at his "day job," to the absurd and bizarre things to be found in the seemingly ordinary art of conversation. All the while, Tom always manages to find a fresh take on the world around us that is sure to entertain any audience.

Tom Steffen
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