It is my biological function to make people laugh and forget about their problems. It started when I was a boy when my parents argued ferociously I would act silly or say absurd things and there would be peace in our house for a brief period. It has been my dream to be a stand-up comedian since I was 12 and with a fake ID I started when I was 17 and have done no other job since, my hands are as soft as a baby's bottom for lack of hard labor in my life. I have been luckier than most having my own sitcom on NBC and hosting my own late night talk show in Amsterdam for 2 years. I think nothing is more powerful than the written word and monumental ideas for world solutions expressed through comedy. I believe that all we have in this world is the art we leave behind after we are dead and that no other measurement can sum up a life's worth. I believe it's also possible to change someone's life for the better by just showing them a drop of kindness. My goal in life is to make people piss their pants with laughter. Stay Free.

Tom Rhodes
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