As part of Comic's On Duty in 2005-2007, Tom Foss traveled around the world seven times and was on top of it once! Entertaining our troops in Iraq three times, Afghanistan three times, Kuwait four times, Italy, Spain, England, Greece, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Africa, USS Enterprise, USS Boxer, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Greenland, Hawaii and all across The United States. While entertaining the troops overseas, Foss has managed to keep a foot back here in the states as a regular at the Improv's and Funnybones. He can also be heard regularly on XM Radio, Sirius Radio and The Bob and Tom Show. High-energy, rapid-fire comedy is what you'll see at his show. Foss has been described as a cross between Robin Williams and George Carlin and is also said to have one of the highest 'Laughs Per Minute' rates in the business.
2007 marks the twentieth year of comedy for Foss.

Tom Foss
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