He's not clean, but he's certainly not dirty. He's not strictly observational but he isn't strictly autobiographical. He's not black, but he sure ain't whitebread. He's Tom-E, a New York City-based comedian who defies simple description. Oh, yeah, except for one word: F-U-N-N-Y.

"I was standing on line in the store the other day, pissed off. A lady comes up to me and she says, 'You know, sir, it takes more energy and muscles to frown than it does to smile.' I said, 'I'm trying to lose weight.' So I kicked her in the shin -- burned 50 more calories. I would have burned more but I was smilin' when I was kickin' her." That's Tom-E. Whether talking about his difficulty with dating, his Jewish cat, or his penchant for pot, Tom-E has the audience from the word "Go" with his clever but accessible writing, and his friendly but surly stage personae. All these elements combine to make Tom-E a unique entity on the comedy circuit today.

Since he began performing at the club that gave him his start, New York's World-Famous Comic Strip Live, Tom-E has carved out a niche for himself as a fine emcee and regular performer all over the country on Lisa Lampanelli's 2006/2007 theater tour. At ease on the radio and television as he is in front of a live crowd of 2000, Tom-E most recently appeared on the Howard Stern Radio Show”, MSNBC's "The Most" with Alison Stewart, Discovery Channels Hit Show “Cash Cab”, Howard T.V. and Sirius Satellite Radio's Raw Dog Channel. His work has also appeared in Star Magazine's "Celebrity Bloopers" section, and he can be seen regularly at New York City's Improv, Stand Up NY, Caroline's on Broadway, and the Stress Factory in New Jersey.

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