Tom is an equal opportunity offender . . . nothing is sacred to the guy. When you see him live, you will find yourself sitting there thinking, "I can’t believe he just said that." Then you’re going to laugh your butt off . . . which is good for those of you with big butts. Check him out live . . . you’re guaranteed to leave the show with a warm & fuzzy feeling -- the kind you get after drinking half a bottle of whiskey. Club appearances include: Morty’s Comedy Joint (Indianapolis, IN), Crackers Comedy Club (Indianapolis, IN), Coconuts Comedy Club (Clearwater, FL), Laugh In Comedy Cafe (Ft. Myers, FL), Wiley’s Comedy Club (Dayton, OH), Barrel of Laughs (Oak Lawn, IL), Riddles Comedy Club (Orland Park, IL), Funny Bone (Dayton, Ohio), One-Liners (Greenwood, IN).

Tom Bryja
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