"hi. my name is todd womack. i know how to use capital letters but i just don't see the point. i am a stand-up and sketch comedian. during the last ten years or so i have been living in new york and los angeles, performing live comedy several nights a week. sometimes i tour around this country and others doing stand-up. i have also been on a few tv shows.

if you can't tell, this is my website. i imagine it will take me several million years to get it the way i want it to look, but in the meantime, please feel free to poke around. you should be able to find many ridiculous ways with which to waste time and support my cause.

if you want to see a more informative bio where i brag about myself in the third person, go to my listing on the comedy central site. if you are a stalker, perhaps i can interest you in stalking someone else." - Todd Womack

Todd Womack

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