Tim Wilkins is a 20 year veteran stand-up comedian and TV personality with a colorful way of bringing laughter to all ages. From as far back as he can remember he watched the masters of comedy and dreamed of following in their footsteps. Since that dream started he’s gone from sneaking in to comedy clubs just to watch to headlining shows around the world. In addition to the stage Tim has had the distinction of working on radio and TV networks such as; ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, TLC, ESPN2, and more. His determination to succeed led him to be featured in the motivational best seller “Winning Nice”.

Over the years Tim has served as the opening act for some of the legends of music such as; Diana Ross, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Righteous Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Olivia Newton John, Hall & Oates, Styx, Belinda Carlisle, Wynonna Judd, Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra Jr., Paul Anka, Engelbert Humperdinck, Berry Bogus and Dean, The Isley Brothers, Loverboy, Eddie Money, Michael McDonald, and many more.

In 2005/6 Tim was honored to fulfill his “Bob Hope” dream when his was given the opportunity to strap back on his camouflage and flak jacket as part of the ‘Comics on Duty’ World Tour, entertaining our troops in Afghanistan, Kyrgystan, and state-side bases.

Soon after returning from that tour, he became the co-host of the Monday through Friday live morning talk show “Studio 10”, on the CBS station in Tampa, FL. Studio 10 also gave him the opportunity to pursue another dream; becoming a TV chef on a weekly segment called “Tim Cooks Smart”. These segments eventually garnered he and his wife, co-host Michelle Phillips, a Culinary Academy Award for best TV presentation in 2009!

In early 2008 he released his 2nd CD, “Tim Wilkins-Live @Sidesplitter’s” which was featured in its own one hour special on XM radio. It was also considered for a 2008 Grammy Award for Comedy Album of the Year.

Currently he appears weekly in over 250 markets and can be seen on such shows as “The Daily Buzz”, “BetterTV”, “Daytime”, and Home Shopping Network.

Tim Wilkins


My Clips

3 stars
Daughter Started Dating

Tim Wilkins' daughter has fabulous taste in men!

3 stars
Total Wine Party

Tim Wilkins is making me wish there was a Total Wine in my town.

3 stars
Taking Our Jobs

Tim Wilkins loves going out for sushi when he's in Miami.

3 stars
Harder for Kids Today

Tim Wilkins believes the children are the future...And the future ain't lookin too good.

3 stars
Military Parents

Tim Wilkins meets an audience member who had a tough childhood. We're assuming.

3 stars
Bill Collectors calling for Obama

Tim Wilkins does a great Obama.

3 stars
Taking my son to school

Tim Wilkins will embarrass his son mercilessly.

5 stars
Drunk Pilots

Tim Wilkins does the drunk pilot.

3 stars
Talking To Teenage Daughters

Tim Wilkins has teenage daughters that sound like chickens.

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